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Pawrfectly is one of my dreams come true.

We love animals so much that wanted to share our passion of creating fun, cute and unique products with pet lovers because we know the unconditional love they represent in our lives.

So we design and carefully craft a portrait of your pet's face so it is close to your heart, right were your pet belongs.

Our products first of all are made with love and high quality detailed embroidery or printed design that is created by an artist that captures every adorable details of your furry's face.


At Pawrfectly we make unique items, specifically designed by experts, that will allow you to have your pets very close to you, every time you use them.

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We will reproduce each color, peculiarity and detail of your pet meticulously, so that it is "really your furry" that you take with you in our products.

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We also wanted to cherish the unconditional love for our family pets that cross the rainbow too soon. And so we honor them with an unique design that will keep them not only close to our hearts but still alive in our memories.

To our beloved pets Roy and Collin, you will always be in our hearts.